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Are you prepared to make waves in the Empire State? In this digital era, clicks have evolved into the currency of triumph. AWKITS’ PPC services act as your gateway to a higher level of business distinction. Envision this: elevated prominence across diverse search engine platforms, courtesy of our PPC marketing expertise. Let us steer your enterprise towards unparalleled achievement.
We aren’t just about making commitments, we are dedicated to delivering tangible results. Through our comprehensive display advertising evaluation, an AWKITS assigned account manager will guide you to the pinnacle. Triumph is the ultimate objective, and our Google AdWords specialist safeguards the vitality of your ad campaigns.

Search Ads

In the vast digital expanse, being discoverable when potential customers seek products or services like yours is vital. Our Search Ads put you on the radar. You can bid on pertinent keywords or phrases that resonate with your offerings. As users input these keywords into the search bar, your ads surface on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Google leads the pack in this arena, but we also extend our reach to platforms such as Bing.

Display Ads

If your aim is to amplify your brand's visibility across websites, applications, and social media platforms using captivating formats like images, banners, and videos, our Display Ads are the ideal choice. At AWKITS, we don our Google AdWords cape and ensure your campaigns are armed with audience-targeting features and engaging advertising formats.

Video Ads

Video content reigns supreme, and our Video Ads services are tailored to ensure your brand thrives on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok. Our experts guarantee that your content ranks high, delivering maximum Return on Investment (ROI). With a staggering 87% of customers favoring video content, we are here to manage your video ads and make your brand shine.

Retargeting Ads

In the domain of digital marketing, retargeting ads rule. It's a strategy that not only lures high-converting customers but also quadruples your sales. Unlike search advertising, retargeting is cost-effective and hones in on highly focused client groups, making it a win-win strategy for your enterprise.

Google Shopping Ads

Have an e-commerce store in the heart of New York? Google Shopping Ads are your trustworthy comrades. These PPC advertisements display pricing alongside search results (SERPs), allowing potential customers to view them without visiting your website. It's the effortless way to showcase your products to the world.

Local Services Ads

For local enterprises, reaching your local audience is imperative. Our Local Services Ads cater to just that. Unlike conventional PPC Services, you don't pay for every click, you pay only for clicks that convert into leads. It's a smart, cost-effective way to target your local customer base.

Our team of marketing specialists is here to assist you in achieving top search rankings and boosting your revenue through PPC Services. With our customized approach and proficiency, clients have witnessed ROI enhancements of up to 29%. We manage the intricacies of Google Ads management, providing you with regular reports and insights, allowing you to concentrate on what matters most – growing your enterprise.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Pay Per Click (PPC)
In the city that never sleeps, you require PPC Services that match the city’s tempo. AWKITS’ all-encompassing solutions empower you to plan, implement, and execute search engine advertising seamlessly. Your advertising endeavors can encompass a plethora of platforms and ad networks, and you can explore innovative techniques like programmatic advertising. Our PPC services are designed not only to expand your profit margin but also to meet your corporate goals. Let’s delve into the FAQs to kickstart your journey.